Lovely  original, quality vintage car, dry stored for 25 years, complete, in need of light restoration/recommissioning.

The car was put into storage after the owner became ill some 25 years ago, he had removed the cylinder head to grind the valves in and decoke the engine, this is borne out by the new head gasket that is in the car, the 6 cylinder engine turns freely and the bores and pistons look to be in good order.

The  four wheel brakes are free and work (one of the advantages of rod brakes!), although they will need checking and servicing before use.


The interior is quite presentable considering its 85 years old, the head lining has been replaced and the woodwork refinished a few years back, a few bits need refitting, but it looks to be all present. The instruments are all present, including the scuttle mounted fuel gauge, the clock is out of the dash at present as it had stopped working.

The roof covering looks good, but depending how good you want it, some  or all of the paintwork will need attention, although the panel work itself is very sound and the alloy bonnet  will need a good dose of scotchbright!

There is a proper fitted luggage trunk for the back rack, it does need some repair, but is a lovely period accessory with all of its original fittings intact.

Overall this is a nice little project, relatively straightforward and rare, original, quality car that will be great fun when ready to hit he road again.

The  car  is  now on sale  again  due  to  a  change  in  circumstance,  it  does  now  come with  5  good   tyres and  tubes to fit (the old ones hold air, but are badly perished) ,  and  the  mageto  has  been  serviced  and  is  sparking  well.

a lovely  project  for  only

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