This is now a rare example of this quality prewar saloon, with the larger six cylinder engine, comfortable seating fo 4 to 5 people a sunroof and built in luggage rack, it would make nice transport for those summer events!

it has been restored a few years ago, and still looks very presentable, although could be improved if desired.

In the past few months it has been fitted with five new tyres  and the brakes have been relined, it  also  has a  full stainless  steel exhaust  fitted.

The car retains its original registration number.

There are a few spares included, a radiator surround, gearbox, diff and various spare body panels.

The car  starts easily on the button, the clutch is light (the previous owner apparent replaced it)  and the car has the “freewheel” gearbox.The doors all open and shut nicely, the windows all wind up and down as they should, even the sunroof opens and shuts .

Now on eBay, see vehicles for sale page for the item number!!