This is a great project to get your teeth into, it’s a sound basis of an original righthand drive Series 5 Alpine with wire wheels, overdrive, 1725 cc engine in Carnival red.

The  metalwork  is  pretty good, with  various new panels  fitted,  it  is really a  question  of  fettling what  is  there, I  don’t think any  more  panels  are required.  One door has had a new  skin  fitted, the  other requires  fitting.

The  bonnet  and  boot  panels  are  good.The  windscreen  frame  has  been  repaired and  there are  two  screens  that  come  with the car.

The  car will start  and  run  with  a temporary fuel  supply  (the  fuel  tanks  are  good, but have  been  removed  for  bodywork  repairs.

Looking  through  the  parts  I think  it  is  99%  complete  and  is  really  a  matter  of  time  rather  than  money  , making  it  a  nice  project  for  someone with  some  space  and  a few tools  to get  stuck  into.

Please  email  or  call  for  more  info.

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