This VW was restored 7 years ago by a bodywork specialist for his own use, so he did the job very thoroughly.

 Please look at the underside pictures, its not the usual bodged underseal job covering everything up, it is has had all the rust and rot cut out and replaced with new metal, including new inner an outer sills, jacking points, outriggers, floor supports, inner and outer front arches, rear lower wings and complete front panel. All this was then painted bright red like the topside!

 The three side doors were secondhand rust free from South Africa, (not rusty one that have been repaired). The rear vent panels were removed, repaired and painted inside and then refitted (so when you look in there, its not rusty and oversprayed as per most campers).

The shell was then painted Ford Rosso red with the roof and bumpers Sea grey metallic.

It is fitted with all new rubbers and seals. 

The engine fitted is a VW Golf 1.9TDi  code AHU 110bhp, this was fitted to a type 25 bellhousing on the original gearbox, a non electronic fuel pump fitted, intercooler, under floor radiator and Mini heater (so no oil smoke fumes when you turn the heater on!) It runs very well with plenty of poke and apparently returns 40 mpg! 

The conversion is completely reversible, so it could have an orginal engine fitted at a later date and no one would know (no metalwork has been cut to fit the engine).

The interior is a period Devon conversion with 3/4 Rock & Roll bed, cool box, swing out cooker, etc, it is original so shows its age a little.

The wheels are hand polished Mercedes items with red accents between the spokes.

The van will come serviced and have a new mot on sale.

The really is a great little van that has had hundreds of hours of work done on it by someone who knows what they are doing. It would cost several times the asking price if you paid a professional to rebuild one to this spec.

Great fun and has a surprising turn of speed, reliabilty, economy, free tax, cheap insurance, little, if any depreciation what are you waiting for!!


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