This quite a sound, orginal car, it went into a garage 3 years ago for an engine rebuild and  new windscreen rubber, the engine rebuild was done, but they said they couldn’t refit the windscreen because the rubber was to big, and there it sat!

I have taped the screen in place to make it watertight, there are two new rubbers, I‘m sure one of you out there will know how to refit it!

The car is structurally sound it’s all steel panels but there are a few scruffy bits that could be improved.

The interior is original, also a bit scruffy apart from a recently fitted and smart looking carpet set.

The car starts on the button and can be driven in the yard, although the brakes are a bit sticky.

There is a V5C, handook an a receipt for the engine rebuild on file.

This is a great project for someone to get their teeth into, theses big Austin’s re great for keeping up with the traffic and covering long distances with ease.

Sorry, now